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I wrote an essay recently, it’s about why I cry in art galleries.


I’m almost embarrassed by it, I think that’s a good thing. 


With that in mind; it’s on display this month June 23 - July 8 at WITT Te Pūkenga F Block


(If u know, u know) 


(If u don’t.. Go to @Witt_art_design for details)


Where was I? 




I cannot keep up with how fast my brain moves words around; writing with my hand is stressful; it’s too slow.. Drawing on the other hand; Easy. Fast, slow, I love playing around with all of it. 


I fucking love drawing. 


Drawing digitally isn’t for me; the lack of texture makes me heavy handed.. I’m heavy handed on a keyboard even. 


I struggle with that at times; I snapped every crayon in the box I got for Christmas trying to fill a sketchbook with them.. 


Heavy handed and excited; that’s a fitting description of my style


But I can also be gentle; 


I love subtly 


I love connecting dots


I love creating dots that connect


I love spinning webs

I’ve wanted tattoos since I was a child, I covered my arms with temporary tattoos; any and all, whatever I could get my hands on.

A parent of one of my friends called my temporary sleeves ugly. I was 6 and thought he was weird for that, still do. 

I used to stub my toes a lot that year, running around barefoot

Barefoot and covered in temporary tattoos 

They hurt to scrub off, I would have left them there until they faded away from showering, degrading gracefully.

I always hated showering

I loved swimming in the ocean

I don't swim in the ocean anymore, I'm scared of my temporary tattoos fading 

Everything is temporary really

But my tattoos are now as permanent as my skin

I made sure of that

How do I protect my skin? 

(Thicken it?) I have a whole layer of carbon in there

A conversation starter

A reason for people to be staring

Just in case they would stare for any other reason 

I don’t want to bleach my hair anymore

It suits my face

But going to the hairdressers is hell

I can’t handle having my hair touched

I can barely touch it some days

That's okay, no one's looking at my hair 

I’ve got a lot going on at the moment


I’m absorbing it all like a sponge


I don’t have any more words I need to get out 


I’m sure I will when I’ve had a reasonable amount of sleep


See you again then.

Thanks for listening to me

Wanna Communicate?


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